Hailey Davidson Stay Away From This Fake Shady Sl0ot

Hailey Davidson Stay Away From This Fake Shady Sl0ot

Hailey Davidson

Hailey Davidson Stay Away From This Fake Shady Sl0ot. It’s funny how this girl goes from friend to friend. Ditches her best friend over a decade and talks major sh1t about her, starts rumours about her being a pepsi head, that she’s a sl0ot, doesn’t take care of her daughter and tries to make everyone hate her. Then she latches on to a girl and all of a sudden instantly become best friends with her and her new best friend introduces her to so many other girls which allows her to have a couple girls who she can call friends because she has no one else. But all of a sudden now that she’s no longer best friend with her “current best friend” she runs back to her old best friend she had ditched. Hailey is such a loner and has no one. It’s sad because she ditched her best friend of over a decade because Hailey secrets came out of her cheating affair. Meeting guys are her strip club and screwing them meanwhile her baby daddy was at home watching their son. She blamed everyone but herself for her cheating scandals and being caught. Couldn’t take responsibility. Yeeeet funny thing is and Dylan I hope you actually know and she told you … she contracted DRDs but didn’t tell Dylan… or maybe she already did. But I hope you got checked and got the meds you need. Like how disgusting you cheated , you fuked up and too scared to admit and take responsibility of your fuk ups. I feel bad for their son because he keeps getting ponded off to his grandma in London because she cannot step up and be a mom. You had a child take responsibility and stop living the life of a 20 year old bruhhhhh. Always partying and thinking you’re above everyone. Y’all broke af and it’s hilarious. Y’all live dirty and your rented house that you bounce around is filthy. If only you took care of yourself and your house like you do with finding drugs and alcohol on a daily it’ll be much different. [REDACTED] LOOOKS compeletly different from her highly filtered pictures to her normal self. You could say catfish at it’s finest. You should go find her in the nail salon. Maybe she’ll do you nails and toes and give you an extra rub men! She’ll make you feel like you’re at Le Posh.

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