Branden Condy

The Sex Thirstier Desk- I knew this guy when he lived in Scottsdale and knew he was a total scumbag from the Jump. He claimed he came from Virginia where he was “homeless” and had me write up some fake articles about his horse sh1t story that was a complete lie to suck people in to feel bad for him. His own mom contacted us take down the articles and let us know he was never homeless but a drug dealer she couldn’t have in her house. The dude would flex on Instagram in rented cars and fake jewelry claiming he made millions but he just threw away all the credit he had to buy jewelry he couldn’t afford. He recently posted all his “Cartier” bracelets and watch that came with no matching red boxes. My guy bought a 2007 Gallardo and now gets a $140,000 Richard Mille? Sounds legit, not sure how a real business man would buy a watch to flex but not own a house or real estate. I don’t think any of his clients know that he also knows nothing about dropshipping or their $45k Amazon stores, he leaches on to any back end guy he can because he’s a salesman not a business owner. The guy doesn’t even have a store himself. He tells clients that his whole family, girlfriend, friends have stores in their name but when we asked his girlfriend and old business partners how their stores were doing they said they never had stores. My buddy paid 45 racks to get a store with him and still hasn’t seen a 1k return yet after 5 months so he blocked him when he expressed his concern. He’s also known for the many Instagram accounts he pays thousands of dollars to get deleted (did anyone else see his business partners and exes page disappear? The guy was also bragging to us saying how he knew how to drain bank accounts of anyone who messed with him. A business partner of mine flew into miami to shoot content for him where they had a bad business deal and he stole stole his SIM card/camera equipment leaving him unpaid for all the work he did. Guys a sick and twisted psycho I’d avoid all business with. I was also informed by multiple sources the amount of times he’s beaten the sh1t out of his ex and gave one of my good friends in AZ DRDs but won’t get tested. He made his ex cover for his dirty d1ck so he wouldn’t go to jail. I hope the IRS finds out he hasn’t paid his taxes so he can finally get the karma he deserves

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